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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flex: New Project Settings

When starting a new Flex project there are a few settings I like to use by default.

Changes to Flex Compiler
Flex Compiler options for a project can be found by right-clicking the project and selecting properties. Select Flex Compiler from the menu on the left. The following properties should be added to the Additional compiler arguments field.

When you're reading local xml files or image you might run into a sandbox security Error# 2140 or ReferenceError Error# 1069 using the HTTPService object. Use this switch to stop the error.

The loading background color of a Flex app can be changed. Use this switch to change the property.
-default-background-color [HTML COLOR VALUE]
I typically use #FFFFFF.

Changes to the Application
I like to use a simple background for Flex apps. Add this property to the mx:Application to make the background white.

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