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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flex: Multiple Application MXML files

At a point in a project I'm currently working on we had to intergrate with another application. That means creating a new Application MXML file and degrading the current Application MXML file. Creating the new Applicaion was simple, but Flex was confused as to which file it should use to launch the project. This can be updated in the project properties.

1) Right-click the project and goto Properties
2) Goto the "Flex Applications". There you will see all the files that are marked as Applications.
3) Select the new Applicaion file and click "Set as Default". When you click "Run" or "Debug" it will use this file to launch your project.
4) Click on the old Applicaion file and click "Remove". This won't delete the file.

Hope this makes transitioning to a new project easier.

Also remember to remove any styleName properties from your old Application tag.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Flex: Switching the debug default browser

I've started working in Flex quite a bit now. One of things that has bothered me is Flex always launches a debug window in Internet Explorer. I've been having some problems with the browser and would like to use something different, but couldn't figure out how to switch it. Someone showed me how this morning.

1) Goto Window => Preferences
2) Goto General => Web Browser
3) Select the browser you want to launch in the "External Web browsers" window.

Now your debug session should launch in your browser of choice.