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Thursday, May 6, 2021

RxJs / Angular: Changing a request parameter after a failure using retry

I'm making a request for a window of data based on a date and a range. The result of the request can be empty requiring me to make another request and change some parameters. The previous way I made the request was a recursive function that worked well but it can be a lot better.

Using a combination of rxjs pipe operators this can be one chain that works beautifully.


constructor(private http: HttpClient){}

someFunction() {
    const retryObject = { foo: 1};
    return of(retryObject)
            switchMap(obj => {
        return this.http(`${}`);
    map(result => {
        if (result.error) {
            // Update the foo value and it will try the request again with the new value
            throw 'an error happened';
        // Happy path
).subscribe(result => {
        // Do something with your data

The magic here is the retry pipe in combination with throwing an error. The linked page used throwError but it didn't retry the request. You can't pass in a string or number into the of operator. Javascript is pass-by-value for those. You need a reference to an object that can be updated.