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Monday, December 7, 2009

MySQL: Error 1305 - Function xxx does not exist

I ran into an odd issue on a project I updated awhile ago. I updated an existing sql statement to include IFNULL for an exclusion check. It worked fine on my dev machine, but caused an issue on the production machine.

The version of MySQL on my dev machine was a little bit newer than production so the issue never came up. Here is the error the sql server returned:
#1305 - FUNCTION [DATABASE_NAME].ifnull does not exist

Here is a little bit of the sql that caused the error:
AND IFNULL ( `tbl_category_admin`.`admin_key_id` =5, true )

The problem was caused by the space between IFNULL and (. Changing it to IFNULL( solved the problem. If you run into an issue where MySQL returns an error saying a given function does not exist look for spaces between the function and the "(".