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Saturday, February 4, 2012

OSX : The tale of too many git clients

I'm starting a project that uses GIT for source control. I have a little experience using git but it has been mostly with github and their client for OSX. It took a little while to wrap my head around the way git works but I finally figured it out.

The only issue with github's client is that it only works with their site. I tried searching google for a few git clients and ran into far too many. I found two really good stack overflow pages that ranked different git clients.

Buried in there is a link to a review site that talks about a lot of the clients and gives good feedback on them.

Mac OS X Git Clients Roundup - shiningthrough


  1. CLI all the way, baby ;). A harsh mistress, but better in the long term, imo. (Says the guy who uses a Perforce GUI. In my defense, the Perforce CLI sucks donkey balls)

    Did you try Source Tree?

    1. Source Tree is the app I decided on. It works pretty well. I'm still new to GIT so I don't know if it has everything I need, but for now I can at least contact other repositories outside of github.

      I used to use CLI for svn until I got Versions. It was pretty easy to manage. GIT seems to need a little bit more baby sitting at the command line. I use Perforce at work and their GUI is great. Sometime it needs a little smack on the hand to behave but it's not to bad overall.


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